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We are excited to announce that Ocean Forest Voyaging is
now the Canadian source for Visual Passage Planner, the
top rated electronic pilot chart software from Digital
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Ocean Forest Voyaging | Vancouver Offshore Sailing Training

GOING CRUISING AGAIN!  Sorry but we have temporarily shut down OFV operations until 2018.  We are heading off cruising again, this time to Alaska.    After preparing the boat over the winter we will be heading north in spring 2017 and will be returning sometime in the fall when the weather gets too chilly, too rainy or both.  Wishing you fair winds and see you when we return!

We offer highly personalized, boutique sailing instruction along the scenic coast of British Columbia from our home port in Vancouver. Our training ranges from introductory cruise & learn voyages in protected coastal waters to advanced voyages in offshore conditions along the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island. Our other services include coaching aboard your boat, classroom seminars and the supply of educational books and passage planning software. Ocean Forest Voyaging- your Vancouver offshore sailing training professionals.

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Learn to Sail

Join us for customized cruise and learn sailing instruction in the protected waters of the BC coast. Spectacular scenery, countless snug anchorages and a sea teaming with marine life guarantee a memorable learning experience. Earn internationally recognized ISPA certification. More info.

Introduction to Offshore

If you are getting yourself and your boat ready for a voyage around Vancouver Island or plan to head to Mexico soon, then join us for offshore sail training on the outside of Vancouver Island. Sail over the horizon aboard a well equipped bluewater boat and make your offshore dreams a reality. More info.

Learn from Books by Experts

Are you curious about what sort of offshore boat to buy or how to prevent seasickness? How does radar work? How will I get emails when a thousand miles from shore? What kind of radio do I need for offshore communication and how do I install it? Our books by experts answer these questions. More info.

Sarah Jean ll

Our training boat, a Saga 43 named Sarah Jean II, is shown anchored in Bennett Bay on Mayne Island.  This stunning cruising area is located in the Southern Gulf Islands.  Learn more about the boat.