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Norm & Beth

About Norm & Beth Cooper

Norm & BethWe have been boating on the west coast of British Columbia for more than 20 years, exploring the myriad of islands, bays and communities.  Our sailing experience ranges from dinghy racing to chartering in distance places such as Australia, and from coastal cruising in British Columbia in our own boat to offshore voyaging across the Pacific Ocean.

Offshore Sailing

For many years we had dreamed of offshore sailing.  We joined the Bluewater Cruising Association in Vancouver, began attending courses and started shopping for a suitable boat.  We found our boat, Sarah Jean II in Seattle, spent a couple of years preparing her for offshore voyaging and then said goodbye to family and friends as we headed off on our big adventure.  We departed from Victoria in September 2010 on passage to San Francisco.  We sailed onward to Mexico and across the South Pacific to New Zealand. The following season was spent exploring Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. In April 2013 we set sail home from New Zealand, a distance of 8,000 nautical miles. We arrived home in July 2013. We were away a total of three years, travelled 25,000 miles and had the adventure of a lifetime.  Now we want to help others get prepared for their big adventures.  For details and photos of our three year odyssey go to our Sailblogs site, The Adventures of Sarah Jean II.

About Norm

Norm currently coordinates offshore education for the Bluewater Cruising Association in Vancouver.  He also edits and often authors the Lessons Learned the Hard way education column in Currents, the magazine of the Bluewater Sailing Association.  He teaches courses for BCA including Practical Offshore Weather and Passage Planning and How to Prepare Your Boat for Offshore.  Norm received his formal sail and navigation training through the International Sail and Power Association (ISPA) with offshore instruction through Mahina Expeditions.  He is an accredited ISPA sailing instructor.  Norm has Marine First Aid and CPR certification and is an Advanced PADI scuba diver.  He is also a licensed ham radio operator.  Interests include writing, skiing  and photography.

About Beth

Beth has been sailing since a child, starting on dinghies at the family cottage in Ontario.  She is also actively involved with the Bluewater Cruising Association, serving on the Vancouver Watch, and co-presents with Norm at educational seminars.  Beth’s formal sail and navigation training was with the Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) and Sail Canada, with offshore instruction through Mahina Expeditions.  Beth is a frequent contributor to Currents, the magazine of the Bluewater Cruising Association and has been published in Bluewater Sailing Magazine.   Beth has Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification and is also an Advanced PADI scuba diver and licensed ham operator.  When not sailing, Beth continues to work part time as an Occupational Therapist.  Interests include writing, skiing, yoga and quilting.

About Ocean Forest Voyaging

We began Ocean Forest Voyaging in 2014 to share our knowledge and passion for sailing with those who have a yearning for adventure and want to voyage across oceans to distant ports.  Our vision is to make the dream of offshore sailing a reality for anyone, starting with basic instruction and working up to the skills and knowledge required to sail over the horizon.  This includes not only sailing instruction but also other educational offerings such as books, software and seminars.  We are excited to be working with clients who are relatively new to sailing but are methodically and confidentially preparing themselves and their boat to head offshore in a few years.  We know they will be successful.  What we learned in anchorages across the Pacific is that offshore sailors are just ordinary people who had a dream and then decided to make it a top priority in their lives.  If you dream of sailing over the horizon, we encourage you to just do it!  We and many others are here to help you!