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We are excited to announce that Ocean Forest Voyaging is
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GOING CRUISING AGAIN!  Sorry but we have temporarily shut down OFV operations until 2018.  We are heading off cruising again, this time to Alaska.    After preparing the boat over the winter we will be heading north in spring 2017 and will be returning sometime in the fall when the weather gets too chilly, too rainy or both.  You can buy the KISS-SSB directly from the manufacturer in WA state.  Wishing you fair winds and see you when we return!


KISS-SSB:  Proven Performance.   Easy to Install.   Maintenance Free.  Affordable.

The popular KISS-SSB ground plane system is now available in BC from Ocean Forest Voyaging.  If you will be installing an SSB radio on your boat, or if your existing copper foil or netting is rotting away in the bilge, this may be the solution you are looking for.


How It Works

The KISS-SSB is a self-contained counterpoise radial ground system that is the perfect answer for trouble free Marine SSB communications.  The concept of using exact pre-measured counterpoise ground radials is even suggested in every Icom, SGC Smart Tuner, and Furuno Auto-Tuner installation manual.

It is a proven law of physics that a radial, cut to proper wave length, will resonate with that particular frequency. The KISS-SSB uses many radials to resonate in all the marine SSB, Winlink, Sailmail, NOAA Weatherfax and all long range ham frequencies from 2 mhz through 28 mhz.   The KISS-SSB makes for the perfect counterpoise/ground plane on fibreglass or wood boats.  Even metal boat owners use our KISS-SSB instead of their hull for corrosion concerns.

Maintenance Free

After the normal installation time of about 30 minutes, the KISS-SSB is completely maintenance free, unlike the bronze dynaplate that requires cleaning and copper foil that often corrodes.


We currently sell the KISS-SSB for C $250 including tax.  We have product in stock.  Please email us to place your order.  We can ship product to you or deliver it at an upcoming BCA Vancouver event.

Note this product is made in the US.  We adjust our pricing from time to time with exchange rate fluctuations.